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We understand that the current situation regarding COVID-19 can cause unexpected changes to your travel plans, therefore we offer a 100% refund for cancellations due to COVID-19, as long as it is duly justified. Justification must be made by a certified laboratory test where the holder, or any of the persons traveling (registered at the time of booking) send valid proof, which will be subject to verification. Notification must be received at least 24 hours prior to the experience. The certified laboratory test indicating a positive result must be in the name of the person who made the reservation. If there are other passengers who are still able to take the experience, no refund will apply. Changes and/or cancellations by airlines due to COVID-19 must be notified and justified at least 24 hours before departure.


The weather in the Caribbean changes frequently. In the event that you see a weather forecast indicating a cloudy day with wind or rain, this is no grounds for concern. The reasons are as follows: Meteorological systems give incorrect forecasts in the area due to the fact that the climate is very changeable in the Riviera Maya. We are experts in navigation, and we are informed of weather updates at all times through different sources. If anyone is able determine whether a tour will take place, it is us. We will inform you if the weather is unsuitable for the experience. Where it may be raining or cloudy at your hotel, some 20 minutes away, it could be sunny at the marina. The climate changes in different areas of the Riviera Maya.


If it is raining or cloudy where guests are staying, or at the marina. If the weather is not nice: if it starts to rain, if it gets cloudy, if it is too hot or too cold, if there are waves, it is a windy day, or if you are unable to do the snorkeling activity. If someone gets seasick or dizzy during the tour. If the trip ends early, due to illness or at the request of the client. If we run out of any kind of drink or food due to unusually high consumption. If due to the negligence of the client, he or she suffers any type of accident. If there is any disagreement with the service during the experience. If there is any disagreement from the client regarding the safety regulations of the boat during the experience.


If PLAYACHT consider that there is a minimum safety and security risk due to weather conditions, we will try to reschedule the Experience to another day. If this is not possible due to the availability we will provide a full refund. If for any unfortunate reason, such as an unexpected maintenance issue, there are no available boats on the date of the experience we will try to reschedule to another day. If this is not possible due to the availability we apply a full refund. If a flight is cancelled from the country of origin due to bad weather a full refund may be applicable. The client must send full proof of such cancellation.


You are able to cancel the reservation 14 days prior to the reservation date with no penalty fees , after that period of time the deposit is non refundable or if you paid in full, a penalty fee will be charged as follows: 6 to 4 days prior to the reservation time and date will result into a penalty fee of 30% of the total amount . 48 hours to 72 hours prior to the reservation time and date will result into a penalty fee of 50% of the total amount . Cancellations within 48 hours before the reservation time and date will result into a penalty fee of 100% of the total amount. In the extraordinary case of Pier Operations Suspension due to weather conditions on the date of the reservation , a total refund will apply. No shows: if the client doesn´t arrive at the marina on the scheduled day and time of the activity, a full charge will be made.